Cryptology and Network Security
The CANS 2022 proceedings present novel research work on cryptology, computer and network security as well as data security and privacy.
Accepted Papers
  • Practical Single-pass Oblivious Aggregation and Billing Computation Protocols for Smart Meters - Kalikinkar Mandal
  • Anonymous Random Allocation and Its Applications - Azam Soleimanian
  • ACDC: Anonymous Crowdsourcing using Digital Cash - Luis Adán Saavedra del Toro and Alastair R. Beresford
  • Analyzing Price Deviations in DeFi Oracles - Ankit Gangwal, Rahul Valluri and Mauro Conti
  • Redacting Blockchain without Exposing Chameleon Hash Collisions - Thiago Astrizi and Ricardo Custódio
  • Efficient Proofs of Retrievability using Expander Codes - Maxime Roméas and Françoise Levy-Dit-Vehel
  • Post-Quantum Electronic Identity: Adapting OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 to the Post-Quantum Era - Frederico Schardong, Alexandre Giron, Fernanda Müller and Ricardo Custódio
  • Efficient NIZK Arguments with Straight-Line Simulation and Extraction - Michele Ciampi and Ivan Visconti
  • Updatable NIZKs from Non-Interactive Zaps - Karim Baghery and Navid Ghaedi Bardeh
  • Through the Looking-Glass: Benchmarking Secure Multi-Party Computation Comparisons for ReLU's - Abdelrahaman Aly, Victor Sucasas, Kashif Nawaz and Eugenio Salazar
  • Oh SSH-it, what's my fingerprint? A Large-Scale Analysis of SSH Host Key Fingerprint Verification Records in the DNS - Sebastian Neef and Nils Wisiol
  • Attribute-based Anonymous Credential: Optimization for Single-Use and Multi-Use - Kwan Yin Chan and Tsz Hon Yuen
  • Auditable Asymmetric Password Authenticated Public Key Establishment - Antonio Faonio, Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco, Claudio Soriente and Hien Thi Thu Truong
  • (Augmented) Broadcast Encryption from Identity Based Encryption with Wildcard - Anaïs Barthoulot, Olivier Blazy and Sébastien Canard
  • Passive Triangulation Attack on ORide - Shyam Murthy and Srinivas Vivek
  • HyperDetector: Detecting, Isolating, and Mitigating Timing Attacks in Virtualized Environments - Musa Sadik Unal, Arsalan Javeed, Cemal Yilmaz and Erkay Savas
  • The Construction and Application of (Related-Key) Conditional Differential Neural Distinguishers on KATAN - Dongdong Lin, Shaozhen Chen, Manman Li and Zezhou Hou
  • How to Design Authenticated Key Exchange for Wearable Devices: Cryptanalysis of AKE for Health Monitoring and Countermeasures via Distinct SMs with Key Split and Refresh - Hannes Salin and Lukasz Krzywiecki
  • Cryptanalysis of the Multi-Power RSA Cryptosystem Variant - Abderrahmane Nitaj
  • Provable Security of HADES Structure - Yuan Gao and Chun Guo